Our Mission

Life Discovery Counseling Services exists to promote healthy living and relationships in accordance with Biblical values and principles. Our goal is to integrate psychology and spirituality honestly and from a Christian focus for the benefit of fellow believers as well as seekers or nonbelievers.

Our mission is to help you discover REAL insight to REAL life with REAL change. That means we will help you better understand your struggles so you can make the right changes that will improve your life in the most meaningful ways.


Life can be hard and present many unexpected difficulties that challenge our abilities to adequately deal with them. You are looking for guidance and resolution for your issues.


As trained professionals in human psychology and relationships, and as devoted Christians personally, we are experts at helping people navigating through life wisely.


God is our focus and purpose. Our abilities and effectiveness come from God, and we seek to glorify Him as we provide healing and restoration to your life and relationships.

Our Beliefs

We believe, first and foremost, that God is the central character in all of life; He is our creator and sustainer. Our chief aim is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. This means we must learn, in this life, to re-orient ourselves to God, according to His Word, in our families, work, habits, relationships, and even in our religious practices. Below are some of our core beliefs you can read about to get to know us better.

Real insight to real life with real change.

Our Founders

Life Discovery Counseling was founded in 2016 by Nathan Hawkins, LPC and Aaron Potratz, LPC. Nathan and Aaron have their own successful independent counseling practices in Tigard, Oregon and founded LDCS to reach more people and have an impact in a different part of the Portland Metro area. Their vision is for Life Discovery Counseling to be the number one Christian counseling organization in Oregon.

Nathan Hawkins

A Licensed Professional Counselor, Nathan is our visionary (CEO). He provides direction and is passionate about making sure the mission statement is being executed in every aspect of the company.

Aaron Potratz

Also a Licensed Professional Counselor, Aaron is our manager (COO). He oversees the execution of our mission statement, providing organization and consistency to every detail of the company.

Want to sit down with us?

If you are a church/pastor or counselor in the Clackamas or Hillsboro area and would like to partner with Life Discovery Counseling Services, please schedule a meeting with Nathan or Aaron. We would love to connect with you to discuss how we can work together to support the growth and health your clients or congregation.