Our Level 1 Counselors

At Life Discovery Counseling Services, we have Counselors and Interns on staff. Level 1 Counselors have completed their Master’s Degree in Counseling or Psychotherapy, their internship requirements, and are beginning to work toward licensure with the State of Oregon. We individually hire each of our staff members, looking for the best and brightest to serve our clients. Our counselors are highly trained and continue in regular supervision with our Clinical Directors until they achieve state licensure.

Robin Fleming

Counselor 1

About Me

Currently, Life Discovery Counseling Services does not have any clinicians at the Counselor I level. We do have clinicians at Level II and Level III.

Level 1 Counselors hold a graduate degree but are not yet licensed, so they cannot accept insurance. However, they are highly trained and effective clinicians, capable of working with a variety of difficult issues. For more information, please visit our Counselors’ Fees page.

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