Our Fee Schedules

Beginning in the new year, January 1, 2024, our clinic rates will be $200 for the first session (or intake sessions) and $185 thereafter. After much deliberation, the increase is being made to meet industry’s standards for mental health services.

If you are unable to afford the clinic rate, our counselors have hardship rates and sliding scales to assist you. While this may seem like a significant change, it is merely a technical adjustment on our end that we wanted to communicate to you.

We thank you for your ongoing support and trust in our counselors. If you have any questions please reach out to your counselor directly.

Because interns cannot accept your insurance our Interns work from the sliding fee scale listed below based on your income. Interns are completing their Master's internship, and are near the end of their graduate program.

This scale is ONLY used in the event that you and your counselor discuss your hardship and continued need for counseling.

Net Income Per month Session Fee
Below 1800 $15
1801-2100 $19
2101-2400 $22
2401-2700 $25
2701-3000 $28
3001-3300 $32
3301-3600 $35
3601-3900 $37
Above 3901 $40

Our Counseling Interns are: Murna Mamman (Westside)