Codependency is a common issue for many people, and usually manifests itself in the context of relationships. Codependency is essentially being dependent on others for well-being; needing approval or acceptance from others in order to feel secure about yourself. There are many different forms that codependency can take and people will respond with their own individual flavor, but the general principle behind it remains the same.

Here is a test you can take to determine if you have codependent patterns: free codependency online test. This test is fairly long (100 questions), but is better than most free codependency quizzes out there because it examines the various parts of codependency (caretaking, repression, obsession, denial, dependency, communication, boundaries, trust, anger, and sexual dysfunction).

Most people with codependent patterns learned them in childhood from their family of origin, and usually from within a dysfunctional family system. Common environments like this involve alcoholism or other substance abuse, physical or verbal/emotional abuse, or chaotic families with neglect and lack of boundaries. People with these childhood experiences do not learn healthy attachment patterns, emotional awareness and expressiveness, self-awareness, emotion regulation and coping, boundaries, and ability to trust within a safe relational environment.

Recovery from codependency involves working closely with someone who can help you build awareness and objectivity, as well as coping and interpersonal skills in order to relate in healthier ways. This is often a long process that requires a lot of work, but with the right help it will be worth it to be free from the drama, stress, and insecurity that codependency brings.

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