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At Life Discovery Counseling Services, we have Counselors and Interns on staff. Interns are completing their coursework and internship, gaining skill at integrating their education with practical experience. They are highly skilled and continue in regular supervision with our Clinical Directors until they earn their Master's degree in Counseling or Psychotherapy.

Graduate counseling interns are completing their Master's degree and learning how to best hone their skills, so they are not as experienced as our Counselors and also cannot accept insurance. However, they are naturally gifted, highly trained, learning rapidly through weekly supervision, and are still able to provide the services you're looking for from an effective counselor but at a lower cost. For more information, please see our Interns' Fees.
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Paul Nkemontoh

Paul Nkemontoh

Counseling Intern


I believe that we all have beauty, value, and strengths to offer. Sometimes we lose sight of that and sometimes there seems to be so much stacked against us that realizing this again can seem impossible. I want to help people work through whatever’s obscuring their view of this reality to discover and own the value and strengths they possess so they can positively impact others and the world around them. We already possess all that we might to overcome whatever we might be facing and sometimes we need other people in our lives to help us discover that. My hope is that through the therapy process people come to terms with where they currently are and where they want to be and learn to enjoy the process of bridging the gap between the two. This involves growing an awareness and understanding of your strengths, values, thoughts, feelings, and actions so you can start moving in the direction of health and wholeness.

I enjoy working with those struggling with depression, anxiety, addictions, major life transitions, and those looking to find a vocation they love that utilizes their strengths and passions.

If you’re someone who struggles with any of these issues, you know you can get through them but you need some help or guidance, and you’re ready to do the work, you came to the right place! Get in touch with me by calling or texting me, email me, or just schedule an appointment now – I would love to get connected and start working with you.

Education and Experience 

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University in 2014 and worked with my church for a couple years after that in campus and homeless ministry until I decided to go to school to become a counselor in 2019. I’m currently in my second year of Western Seminary’s 3-year Master’s in Counseling program and am currently in my first semester of practicum here at Life Discovery.

As a minister, I’ve worked with people with a variety of challenges: anxiety, depression, addiction, vocational and major life transitions, personality disorders, and am excited to start working with people in a more clinical capacity!

Philosophy and Approach 

My therapeutic approach tends to lean toward Acceptance Commitment Therapy for embracing and accepting the complexity and difficulties of life and relationships and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in acknowledging and challenging unhelpful thought processes that might be a hindrance to creating a life you love and value.

Personal Life 

In my free time, I love spending time with friends, reading at coffee shops, playing music, cooking, hiking, and traveling abroad.