James Frahm

Counselor 1 - Westside

anxiety and depression therapist
Have you ever felt like your parents don't understand what you're going through? It feels like no matter how much you try to talk to your parents, they just don't get it. Parents, have you ever felt like you're just not getting through to your teenager? You want them to respect you but they just seem to rebel against everything you say. Learning how to communicate with one another can go a long way in mending relationships. I have a passion for working with the younger generation to help connect with their parents as they learn how to maneuver through life and understand their own thoughts and feelings. Being raised in a Japanese household myself, I also specialize in working with teens and parents with that cultural background.
Education and Experiences:
I got my bachelor's degree in psychology at George Fox University. From there I went on to earn my Master's in Counseling from Corban University. I counseled mainly college students while I was working on my Master's degree so I have a lot of experience working with the hardships of college life such as anxiety, depression, feeling lost in life, struggles in relationships, and more.
Philosophy and Approach:
My approach takes into account the issues of emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. By first establishing a strong therapeutic relationship with each other, my hope is to be able to help you identify and develop goals for therapy. Although the theoretical orientations used may vary from person to person, I usually approach counseling sessions focused on what you want to talk about and looking into your past to see how that effects you today. This allows you the freedom to explore any aspect you would like to look into, and from there, exploring these past experiences to identify patterns that may be there. With this, there may also be some strength-based approaches as well as some psychoeducation (learning about some psychology terms and concepts) to help you better understand what you are going through and how you are feeling.
Personal Life:
I am the oldest son in a family with 5 kids and I think that really made me a family-oriented person growing up. I also wear many different hats in life! Sometimes I teach English to Japanese students as a teacher, other times I am a youth leader for the church I attend, and sometimes I'm just that friend you can casually talk to about your problems.

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