What are normal reactions to abnormal trauma events?

If you’ve ever been told you have trauma, you might think something’s wrong with you. You might feel ashamed of yourself for having been impacted the way you were by your life experiences. Maybe you feel embarrassed about your life experiences happening to you.

Living with trauma for many people means living differently.

You don’t do things the same way as everyone else. Sometimes you simply can’t do them just like everyone else. You have to find new ways that work for you, and then wonder why this is the case.

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The result of all this is feeling broken, alone, and confused. You may often think to yourself “what’s wrong with me” and repeat negative beliefs about yourself that you were told growing up. By keeping so much of this a secret, you may find yourself feeling lonely much of the time. When you have tried to open up to people, either they didn’t understand or they reacted so badly it made you never want to do that again. In trying to handle this the best way you can think of, you find yourself confused as to why it hasn’t worked out. You feel disconnected and misunderstood without any clue about what to do about it. Maybe that’s the worst part of all – not knowing how to fix it.

You are not alone with your trauma

If you can relate to any of this and have experienced something traumatic in your life, then you came to the right place. At Life Discovery, we want to excel at being good clinicians who can work with complex issues like PTSD with kindness and care. We want you to know that we value specific, focused training when it comes to trauma and PTSD because it does require someone knowledgeable to help you. You need a counselor who recognizes what you’re going through and knows how to guide you. You need a therapist who isn’t afraid of you or your experiences.

What is trauma and PTSD anyway?

There are many definitions, but to keep things simple here we describe trauma as an event or experience where you felt like your life or wellbeing was dangerously threatened, or the life or wellbeing of someone close to you was threatened. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was a diagnosis originally given to veterans after World War II and applied in the Vietnam War. However, not much was known at the time and advancements have been made in the decades since regarding what it is and how to treat it. Since the 1980s, we’ve learned that trauma can be more than “shell shock” or “battle fatigue.”

The effects of trauma can also come from:

  • car accidents
  • natural disasters
  • abusive relationships such as in childhood and in marriage
  • crimes such as murder, rape, assault

It’s also helpful to know that there are two kinds of traumatic events: “simple” and “complex.” A car accident would be considered “simple,” whereas one that involved death and feelings of survival guilt might be considered “complex.” Another example of “complex trauma” would be ongoing abuse from a family member growing up. The fact that it was repeated and happened over time makes it more complex.

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The reason this is important for you is because complex trauma can produce a more complex set of symptoms that are more challenging to treat. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It just requires a skilled trauma therapist who understands there are complexities and can help you unravel that tangled web.

We want you to know that understanding these differences means we’ll adjust our approach to best suit your needs. More than anything, we also want you to have hope that you can get better regardless of how “simple” or “complex” your traumatic experiences were!

Walking through the forest. Christian Trauma Therapy and PTSD treatmen in Clackamas, Hillsboro and in online therapy in Oregon.There is light at the end of the tunnel: Christian trauma therapy works!


Good treatment for trauma means you will develop a clear understanding of what happened and how it affected you. You will recognize the connection between your mind, body, and emotions. Then, you will be able to manage each of these better – to feel better. Finally, you will break free from the patterns and prisons you have lived in for so many years and experience the freedom and safety that has eluded you.

Fear no More: The Life Discovery Counseling Approach to Trauma Therapy and PTSD Treatment

Speaking of breaking free, fear is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when you have PTSD. Our skilled trauma therapists can help you face your fears and find the courage you need to tackle them. You can discover strength inside yourself that you never knew you had. You can finally be vulnerable and open with people you’re close to.


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