Relationships can be both a source of stress and the place our stress manifests itself because of other issues. If there are relational conflicts or poor communication in the relationship, this can create a stressful environment and perpetual cycles that are difficult to break out of. Conversely, you may have other underlying issues (such as a childhood trauma or anger issues) that come out in the relationship but are not the result of it. In both of these situations, couples counseling can be a useful tool for helping differentiate what the underlying problems are and where they stem from, as well as effective tools for coping with them so the relationship can improve.

At Life Discovery we work with a variety of couple situations – couples who are dating, engaged (premarital counseling), married (marital counseling), and separated or divorced. Whatever your circumstance, we would love to help you improve the connection with your spouse or partner and learn healthy ways of communicating so you can have the deepest, richest relationship possible.

We believe relationships are fundamental to healthy living and happy lives, and that we all need healthy relationships in order to be happy and thrive. We want to help you resolve conflicts and change destructive patterns so you can enjoy one another and work together better.

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