Shane Fookes

Counselor 2 – Westside

anxiety and trauma therapist

About Me:

I’m a big believer in the power of life transitions. Unfortunately, the pain of transitions often keeps us from seeing their value. Whether we choose the transition or the transition chooses us, transitions are often disorienting and disruptive. Even good transitions can be difficult to navigate. Transitions challenge us emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally. At the same time, they offer an opportunity to challenge old habits and start new ones. In other words, they provide fertile ground for growth, becoming more fully who we were created to be. If you find yourself in a difficult and/or painful transition right now or you see one on the horizon, I would be honored to work it through with you.


I love coming alongside individuals and couples who feel stuck, trapped, or disempowered. When I meet with you, my goal is to know you and help you know yourself. When we’re done working together, I want for you to feel empowered to live fully as yourself in your relationships and circumstances. I also want you to be able to understand and articulate your hopes and dreams so you can confidently pursue them.

I particularly specialize in anxiety issues. We live in a fast-paced, demanding culture that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, on edge, and worried. The responsibilities and requirements we carry feel so heavy, we struggle even to get through a day. I feel incredibly honored when I help clients understand what fuels their anxious thoughts and discover coping tools that work for them. Since anxiety and worry often result from past traumatic experiences, I am skilled in trauma-informed approaches in client care.

Depression is another all-to-common result from our fast-paced demanding culture. Depression often feels like a heavy fog. What once brought joy and satisfaction now seems more like a burden. It can be a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning! When we work together through a depressive season, I seek to help you learn how to unravel the thoughts that make your days so hard and then help you find new habits and practices to lift that fog.

If you’re hurting and are looking for a safe space to work toward your best self, you’ve found the right person! Get in touch with me by calling, emailing me, or clicking on the scheduling button on this page right now – I would love to get connected and start working with you.

Education & Experience:

My undergraduate degree is actually in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin! In 1995, after 5 years of work as an engineer at the Boeing Airplane Company, I made a significant life transition toward working for a nationally known marriage ministry. In 2008, I obtained a Masters of Divinity from Denver Seminary with an emphasis in Pastoral Counseling and transitioned to the Hillsboro area to work as a pastor. In December 2020, I obtained a Masters of Counseling from Western Seminary and began work as an LPC Intern. I have over 25 years of experience working with individuals, couples, families, and groups on a variety of mental, emotional, and spiritual issues, including anxiety, depression, survival of physical and/or sexual abuse, marital concerns, life transitions, grief over loss, parenting challenges, and spiritual crises.

To expand my services for couples, I have received additional training in the renowned Gottman Method for couples and have completed SYMBIS premarital counseling training.

Philosophy & Approach:

The counseling relationship is a unique bond based on acceptance and respect. I view counseling as a collaborative effort in helping clients recognize strengths, identify needs, understand conflicts, discover new options, set growth goals, and make informed choices. My approach to therapy explores how cognition (one’s thoughts and beliefs), affect (one’s emotions and desires), and narrative (one’s story and its meaning) impact behavior.

While I operate from a Christian worldview and enjoy helping people connect with God, out of care and respect I do not impose my beliefs or opinions onto clients.

Personal Life:

When I’m not working, you’ll generally find me enjoying our beautiful state hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, golfing or going for a long walk with my beautiful wife of 30 years and/or one of our 4 adult children.

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