The Importance of Lament: Part 1 of 5

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by Shane Fookes, MA LPC Intern

If you’re like most people, you consider seeing a counselor when something isn’t working in life. The problem you face may be internal, like depression or anxiety. Or it could be external, like a difficult relationship or an overwhelming life circumstance. The problem persists even though you’ve tried everything you know to fix the problem. Doubt and disappointment begin to cloud your horizon as you look at the future.

A Good Christian Counselor

A good Christian counselor will meet you right where you are with acceptance, empathy, and understanding. A counseling relationship can provide a sense of hope which leads to more flexible thinking about the past, present, and future.

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Rather than solving your problems, the counselor provides a safe relational environment and a healing presence. With their help, you learn you can “bear the unbearable” as they bear it with you.

A Christian Counselor

A Christian counselor understands that God’s Spirit is the primary Helper and Healer in the counseling room. As such, the counselor invites you to relate in two directions: “horizontally” with the counselor and “vertically” with God.

This is particularly important with your expression of emotions. As I will explore in the 3rd part of this series, emotions are like the lights on the dashboard of your car letting you know that something is going on in the “engine” of your soul. Though emotions are often provoked by horizontal relationships and life experiences, ultimately they reveal what you believe about God.

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The Bible makes it clear that God wants a relationship with you. His promise repeated over and over is, “I am with you.” But let’s be honest, it’s a promise that’s hard to believe when life hurts.

Lament Has Purpose

Maybe you struggle with experiencing and expressing emotion. If so, you’re not alone. Most people do. This is especially true with the “darker” emotions like fear, anger, grief, despair, jealousy, and loneliness. These emotions tend to dominate when life gets overwhelming. Christian counseling provides a place to explore these difficult emotions in a safe horizontal relationship.

A Christian counselor will also encourage you to express those emotions to God. When you do so, you participate in what are called prayers of lament or complaint. Laments are found all through the Bible, including from the lips of Jesus. The Psalms in particular give us many voices of lament.

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The process of lament is crucial for the same reason emotional expression and validation are vital in horizontal relationships: it is the deep longing of every human to be known and accepted. When you share your difficult emotions and experiences with another, including God, you open yourself to receiving consolation. When you keep them to yourself, your suffering increases because you were not meant to bear your burdens alone.

Biblical Understanding of Lament

If you want to understand lament, Psalm 13 serves as a “primer.” The first 2 verses express an honest expression of emotion resulting from painful circumstances. The second 2 verses beg God to respond. The last 2 verses pledge trust in God no matter the circumstance.

Each of these sections is an important aspect of lament, and participating in lament requires more than a  “one and done” effort. Rather, it involves an ongoing process that keeps your heart open in relationship with God through unpleasant experiences. In other words, it helps solidify a relational attachment bond with God that is vital for any life-giving relationship.

Perhaps you are reading this because you are in the middle of a difficult life situation. Perhaps you are wondering, “Where is God when life hurts so much?” An important step might be to write out a lament that expresses your pain and confusion to God using Psalm 13 as a guide and template.

Learn More About Lament

You can also learn more in the following posts in our 5-part series on lament:

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Shane Fookes is a graduate of Western Seminary’s Counseling program and a Licensed Professional Counseling Intern. He was previously a pastor and is still involved in churches, and writes about marriage and relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and spiritual development.

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