5 Signs You Were Raised By A Codependent Parent

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by Shane Fookes, MA LPC Intern

Image of a mother touching her daughters shoulder. Being raised by a codependent parent has lasting affects. With the support of a chrisitan counselor you can more past the affects of codependency. Get started in online Christian counseling in Oregon. Call today!

As I introduced in an earlier post about reducing codependency, it is a word commonly used to describe a person who loses their sense of self by becoming overly dependent on another. When the codependent person is a parent, the effects can have a long-lasting debilitating effect. Children of codependent parents lose the type of relationship environment that fosters and grows emotional autonomy. When those children become adults, they experience both overt and covert effects of incomplete emotional development. Here are five common signs we see, at Life Discovery Counseling, of people who were raised by a codependent parent.

What are the signs you had a codependent parent?

Discomfort with emotions or a lack of emotions

Emotions are the language of relationships. In healthy relationships, emotions are welcome and shared in loving ways. When children are young, they learn about emotions through relationships with safe, loving people, most importantly their parents. They also learn how to regulate their emotions. Rather than helping regulate their children’s emotions, codependent parents use the parenting relationship to regulate their own emotions. This creates a confusing environment for children because parental emotional responses become unpredictable. Children learn that their emotional experiences and expression are not welcome or safe. They also learn from a young age to hide and/or disguise their emotions to satisfy the needs of the parent. This leads to discomfort with emotions when the children grow into adulthood. At an extreme, this can even lead to a condition called alexithymia.

Elevated Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of the body’s Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). This system activates when a person experiences a real or perceived threat. Sadly, children raised by a codependent parent intuitively learn their emotional experience itself is a threat. Since emotions are a natural and near-constant experience, the child’s body stays in near-constant anxiety. This anxiety becomes normalized and can develop into any of a number of disordered expressions as the child grows into adulthood.

Image of a woman sitting & looking out a window. Codependency is difficult to navigate. Especially when it was your parent who was codependent. We can help guide you as Christian counselors in Hillsboro, OR 97015. Call today!


Anger is another normal activation of the body’s ANS that needs developing in a child. However, a codependent parent finds their children’s expression of anger disturbing. Codependent parents overtly and covertly seek to suppress their children’s anger. Children of codependent parents learn to stifle anger and use it internally to disown certain aspects of their interior world. As noted by psychologists anger turned inward is one cause of depression. Depressed persons often lack understanding of their anger and permission to express it. Over time, this internalized anger wears down the body and brain and leads to blunted emotional affect and other depressive symptoms.

Lack of relational assertiveness

Healthy communication involves both receiving and giving. A person receives through good listening habits and gives through assertiveness. Assertiveness is the ability to speak up for yourself in a way that is honest and respectful. Rather than freely giving and receiving, codependent people manage communication to serve their own needs. They, directly and indirectly, arrange relationships to provide the feedback they need to feel okay about themselves. Codependent parents only welcome a child’s assertiveness when it sustains the parent’s sense of self. Children of codependent parents learn to appease their parents rather than assert themselves. As adults, they often become passive, aggressive, or a confusing combination of both.

Lack of motivation

Healthy parents help their children connect with their own passions and interests. Parents do this by introducing children to different opportunities and activities and letting the children determine what they want to pursue. Because of that children develop inner motivation. Codependent parents arrange activities for their children to pursue and perform to bolster the parent’s esteem rather than the children’s. As a result, our Christian counselors in Hillsboro, OR see the children lack personal attachment to their activities, they don’t learn the motivation they need as an adult.

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Shane Fookes is a graduate of Western Seminary’s Counseling program and a Licensed Professional Counseling Intern. He was previously a pastor and is still involved in churches, and writes about marriage and relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and spiritual development.

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